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    Want to know all about Ephemeral, about its worlds (the real world or the dream world), or about some details in a page you saw ?

    We’re trying to avoid spoilers, so all will be explained in good time, but this section will be updated along the story!

  • Characters


    More informations about
    Ephemeral's main characters :

    Zen, Nii, Alice, Kaz, Abel, Hope, Gabriel, Luca, Azzaro and more...

  • Universe


    The Ephemeral universe is set in two very distinct worlds :

    The “real” world and the “dream” world.

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    Page 5's up ! We're already the end of the year ! See you next week !


    Page 4's up ! Next page next week !



Ephemeral is an original webcomic drawn by Shin and co-written with June. All characters belong to them. Don't use or reproduce them without their permission.

  • 23/11/15

    We're back again after our looong hiatus, unfortunately I've not finished translated the website...