Want to know all about Ephemeral, about its worlds (the real world or the dream world), or about some details in a page you saw? We’re trying to avoid spoilers, so all will be explained in good time, but this section will be updated along the story !


We don’t know where the first human contaminations came from. Years later, once the Tower was built and the ground even more polluted than it first was, a laboratory came up with an anti-virus; though it could only be used for preventive ends. This anti-virus could not be exploited unless it had a human host. On top of that, it could only be transmitted through physical contact. The laboratory thus decided to create artificial humans which sole purpose would be to host the anti-virus. To hell with ethics… Those artificial humans tend to have an unusually rapid growth and die early from rejection. The anti-virus has also proven to be extremely dangerous to noncompatible humans.