Monde réel

The Real World : the story takes place on a boys-only campus, hard to reach, away from the town center. It takes about one hour by bus to reach the nearest town, so most of the students don’t feel like going out at all. The city center is a very modern place, with tall buildings and lots of electric cables in the open, kind of like Tokyo.

Monde des rêves

The Dream World : A world that seems accessible only through Zen’s dreams (hence his name). It’s a post-apocalyptical world in which all of the characters live in a giant tower. The rich folks live on the upper part of it. A laboratory is in its center part, and monsters, once human beings transformed after an unknown contamination, haunt the ground level. It’s impossible to go up or down the tower without riding highly secured lifts. The only way to leave would be to jump off one of the footbridges… That is, if you really wanted to reach the ground level that much. To avoid monsters climbing up the tower, soldiers are regularly dispatched to “clean-up” the area.